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About me.... 
Born and raised on the beautiful beaches of South Florida, I now live right by the city that never sleeps. Quite the change from the laid back beach lifestyle to the hustle and bustle through the concrete jungle. Although I love New York and everything it has to offer, I think I will forever be homesick.

My husband tells me that I have knowledge of things most people don't. Hmm....is that a compliment? I love Math, but I'm horrible at it. I have a hard time at expressing myself so I tend to hold all my emotions in and not say anything...does that make me a woman of few words? I'm a wife, a mother, a cook, a baker, a chauffeur, a nanny, a personal assistant, a therapist, a doctor, and I don't get paid for any of it. My job title for all of that you ask? I'm a Domestic Engineer. :) Oh, and aside from doing all of that, I'm a preschool assistant teacher...which I actually get paid for.

I am extremely indecisive when it comes to reading books. I just can't seem to make up my mind on which I want to read next. So if you ask me for suggestions, be prepared for me to send you a really long list of all the different genres I've read with a few suggestions in each. There are too many great authors out there to narrow it down to just one. 

I started reading in 2009 and haven't stopped since. Anyone from my earlier years is most definitely shocked by this. I know I am. I only wish I would have found this love of reading I have sooner. As long as the books have romance and a happily ever after, I am good to go.

So many books, so little time... 

A little about myself: I love love love romance novels!  The most important thing that you all should know about me, is I'm the biggest fan of a hero who can be a complete and total jerk! (Taryn definitely understands my obsession when it comes to these types of men, hehe.) ...Biggest pet-peeves? Overly independent heroines, light and fluffy reads, and the whole "insta-love" theme. If a book includes any of those three factors, than you can bet I'll be avoiding it. Dark and emotional romance novels are my absolute favorite- The more angst, the better! My sarcasm tends to get the best of me sometimes... You've been warned. :)))

When it comes to what book to read next, I'm completely indecisive! I never seem to know what type of book I'm in the mood for- Usually I just pick up something that catches my eye and keeps my interest, and go with it! Reading is literally such a huge part of my life- It's the one place that I can escape any thoughts and problems, and enter into a totally different world... Preferably filled with tons of emotion and angst, lots' of love, and some drool-worthy heroes. 


I’m just good ol’ Sophie, who was born before the winter ended back in 1981 at the General Hospital of downtown Los Angeles.  My mom’s an Irish American descendant and my dad’s Hispanic. Cool combo huh? Bad thing is I didn’t get my mom’s green eyes! Life took me to a wonderful Central American country in the summer of 1987 and ever since, I grew up in an 85 + degree weather, 6 months of nonstop humidity and rain and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Since I was a little girl I loved to read and write. My Grandpa taught me how to read in Spanish and for as long as I remember I always had a book in my hand, mostly fiction. Though I was a bookworm, I was never a nerd, (not until I got into college)

I love Buffalo Chicken Wings & Beer! I’m a huge fan of Cheesecake. I’m a confessed coffee addict and I also  drink at least 14 bottles of water a day. I walk 9.5 blocks mornings and afternoons and have worn glasses since I was 21. My favorite sport is Soccer...I've been madly in love with a Spanish soccer team named Futbol Club Barcelona (since I was 14!) and though I don’t like baseball that much, I enjoy watching the NY Yankees play ever since I lived there 12 yrs ago.  

My preference in books? ROMANCE! And all sub genres that apply (Chick Lits have a special place in my heart since I started my romance obsession with them), I also enjoy mysteries and YA, and of course books in Spanish! If you ever want a crash course, I’ll be glad to help :)

Lee Anne

I was raised in a small town in Texas before I moved to Washington DC, where I met my husband the first few weeks I was here.  Funnily enough we met on the Metro (subway to non-DC folks).  We’ve been happily married for the past 10 years and have three beautiful children.

During any free time I have, you will find me with my nose in a book. Since I have an iPad with multiple readers installed, I can carry many books at once with me. Waiting in line at the bank, reading…..Waiting to get the car inspected…..reading,  waiting on the kids soccer practice to finish….reading.  You get the idea!

I read a wide variety of genres.  I’ll ready just about anything as long as it sucks me into another world. Just please don’t ask me to ready anything too heavy or serious. I want to be entertained.


I’m a book addict, like seriously.  When I was working, I’d wake up early so I could read before work, read on my breaks, then come home and stay up late reading.  The hubby rarely allows me in a bookstore unsupervised anymore, and he never expects a quick trip as I could spend hours there.  

It all started when I was fairly young and began reading my mom’s Dean Koontz novels.  I pretty much stuck to those and school books until high school.  Once I met my mother-in-law my junior year, she introduced me to Janet Evanovich.  Around about 2009, she convinced me to read the Jurassic Park books by Michael Crichton, and that was all she wrote!  Since then, I’ve been voracious in my appetite for books.  I’ve managed to not only (finally) read the Harry Potter series and the Twilight series, but ran out to get my own copies of both, among MANY others.  

It was buying the Twilight series that got me in real trouble though.  The cashier mentioned that if I like these, I should try this other vampire series.  After looking it up, I discovered it was a romance.  I didn’t really know what to expect, but gave it a shot anyway.  Dark Lover by JR Ward is not only one of my favorite books, but it was my gateway drug into my passion, romance books.  Now it’s almost all I read.  I guess that not only makes me a book addict, but smut addict too…meh *grin and giggle*.

Now I’m a stay home wife (hopefully promoted to stay home mom in the next couple years), and I not only read books, but review them too.  I got started via a friend’s nudging and it’s a great way to read a lot and get to know people, which is especially good since I am working on writing a book (or few) so it’s been amazing making connections for support and guidance.

So the bottom line about me is that I have a sweet tooth that refuses to be beat down, a desperate need to have music around me as much as possible, a passion for books, an obsession with reviewing romance books, and a dream to be a published author.


Hi my name is Janna and I am a book addict.  Reading is what keeps me sane.  I am originally from just outside of Detroit but currently am in Texas where my husband is stationed.  If you didn’t guess I am a military wife.  My husband is in the Air Force and is a Security Force member, which I am very proud of him.  I am also the mother of a beautiful baby girl named Isabella, an adorable baby boy DJ and I have two beagles named Daisy and Jasper and even when my life is extremely stressful I wouldn’t trade it for the world....well maybe for my own private bookstore I would.  

I love to read romance, paranormal romance, contemporary and some young adult.  I am a sucker for a happily ever after especially if the hero and heroine have gone through hell to get there.  My book addiction is hitting a whole new level these days and I am so lucky that on top of my movie addiction and rubber stamping addiction, my husband just shakes his head when I buy more and more books to add to my TBR pile and smiles because he knows it is what makes me happy.  I hope to share my love of books with my daughter and I hope she will love to read as much as I do.

For me, reading is my get-away from bad days at home, work or both.  I tend to feel what the characters are feeling and I get drawn into the book I am reading.  I started reading again five years ago when my husband and I were dating. I would fly down to see him and he would be on duty.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t  ever go back to not reading again.  It was Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series that drew me in, but it was the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward that cemented my addiction.  I feel honored to be able to read the books I review and to be able to share my opinions, good, bad or otherwise with everyone.


Hi, I currently live in San Antonio Texas.  I was raised and spent most of my life in Southern California.  Moving here has been a wonderful experience.  I love Texas!  I already told my husband I'm not leaving.  Of course I miss being near my beaches and mountains.  But this move has been great for our family.

I'm a big reader!  I've been reading for as long as I can remember.  I've always loved paranormal and sci-fi/horror.  Anne Rice and Bram Stoker were my intro into the world of vamps.  I lost my way a bit when I had kids.  For the longest time my reading consisted of Dr. Seuss and Little House on the Prairie.  A few years ago I started reading for me again.  The Twilight Saga brought me back, but the Black Dagger Brotherhood is what made me stay.  After that is was the Anita Blake series, Midnight Breed, etc. etc.  the list seriously goes on.  Now I have this huge literary addiction and NO WAY am I looking for a cure!  Reading is my escape to an alternate reality.  I fall in love with just about every fictional guy I read.  If my hubby only knew the things I fantasized about (phew).

I'm a stay at home homeschooling mom to two beautiful girls, ages 4 and 13.  I'm also a Girl Scout leader.  I enjoy volunteering in my community.  I hope that is something I can instill in my kids.  The 2012/2013 school year will be the last year of homeschooling my oldest.  After that she starts high school.  I'm proud of the confident young lady she is becoming.  She's her own person, with her own style.  She's also a huge bookworm like her mom.  My 4 year old also has quite an impressive library.  She loves looking through them and having them read to her.  I hope she too grows up to be a big reader.

I'm excited to be a reviewer on here.  As if I needed more of an excuse to read.  "Sorry hon dishes need to wait.  I have to finish this book for My Secret Romance Book Reviews".  Ha!


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